Sunday, July 2, 2017

Celestial Journey

A faithful young couple from South America planed their journey from the Pacific Ocean to the Atlantic Ocean. It would take a week to get there. The purpose of this long journey was to get sealed in the only temple in South America that was built at that time. They prepared themselves so that when the arrived at the Sao Paulo Brazil temple they would be able to perform all the sacred ordinances required to get sealed together. With their passports and $400 in their pockets they began their journey not knowing how difficult their journey would be. It was almost impossible to obtain permits required to cross the border. They were getting low in money and started eating less trying to save everything they could, but every time they faced a trial they were in their knees asking Heavenly Fathers for help. A quiet answer and thought came to them and confirmed how they would make it to the temple. They told everyone that could help them these phrase.. “Please help me I am a Mormon and I need to get to the temple to get sealed”. Somehow by saying this phrase it would change the hearts of others who would provide the helped they needed. They finally made it to the frontier but just before crossing to Brazil a big revolution had just started, they had closed the frontier. Big mobs were armed were ready to start a war. It was a very dangerous place to be. They were stuck there for almost a month while trying to get to the temple. The husband was ready to go back because it was to getting too dangerous to stay there, but the wife insisted that the Lord would provide if they stayed faithful. They had come so far, going back was not an acceptable option to her. Once again they kneeled down and prayed and received the same answer and assurance that everything would be ok and they will make it to the temple to get sealed. They tried again and told the officials the same thing “ I am a mormon and I need get to the temple please help me” they finally let them cross the border. Once in Sao Paulo Brazil they realized they only have $ 20 left in their pocket. The temple was still 10 blocks away and they had to walk in the dark until someone saw them and offered them a ride. They finally made it! I imagine this couple in front of this magnificent building sitting on a bench with grateful hearts thanking Heavenly Father. The night was cold and rainy. They snuggled with each other to keep warm waiting until the next morning to enter in their Fathers House. The husband's old missionary companion just happened to be visiting the temple that night and called the couple and invited them to stay with him to have a place to rest. What a blessing to know that the Lord had prompted this man to be there t that time and place at to receive and helped this young couple. How glorious was next morning when they were dressed in white and sealed together in their Fathers house for all time and eternity. How did they get back home with no money left for the journey? The local Mission President had heard about their journey and story and bought tickets for them. This is a true story, and it's actually my parents story.