Saturday, November 7, 2015

Questions are Good

I had the opportunity and privilege to go with my mother in law to her ward's Relief Society fireside.  The guest speaker was Sister Sherri Dew. I am not going to lie, she is one of my favorite speakers. I look up to her so much. I love her books, personality, and her strong testimony. She brought a special friend with her to the fireside. It was sister Wendy Nelson ( President Russell M. Nelson of the 12th Apostles).
Their talks were so inspiring and uplifting. I enjoyed every single minute of it. Sister Dew does not know that her talk was going to be so perfect for answering many sisters questions and especially my own. How much I need to hear her speak and feel the Spirit testifying to me the true message.

Now her message brings so much peace of whats happening now in the world. Where many of us have so many questions and her message was simple, "Questions are Good." I believe if the questions are sincere and have intent to be good, they are good questions.

A memory came to my mind. When I turned 8 years old I was so excited to get baptized. I don't know why I was so in a hurry to make the important step in my life. Maybe because I grew up in the church and I want to follow my parents example or I really want to fallow the example of the Lord Jesus Christ himself. My dad was out of town for work in an assignment in Bolivia. I knew he was going to take long time to come home. I remember telling my mom that if dad does not come home to baptize me I will make my own arrangements, and I did. I went early in a Sunday morning and I told the bishop's secretary that I need to speak with him. He asked if I had and appointment with the bishop and I said no. He smiled and let me walked into the bishop's office. I told him my urgency that my dad wont be able to baptize me and I had arranged for my grandfather to baptize me.  I asked if he can please give permission to perform the ordinance. My mom was not happy that dad was not going to be there but she finally said yes.

What I felt that day was the most beautiful feeling I ever experienced, that words can not express how wonderful I felt. I don't remember who was in my baptism or what dress I was wearing all I remember is the tender sweet feeling that penetrate my heart and soul. Now I am telling you this because I was only 8 years old and later on my life I have had many questions. But remember questions are GOOD!

Our prophet Joseph Smith had a simple question and the Father and the Son came to answer that specific question. Nefi had a question about the meaning of Lehi's dream and he got more that just an answer from the the Holy Spirit. Growing up as a teenager and even now as an adult I have many hard questions. I been asked by some people that I love questions like these: Is the Church is really true? If the Book of Mormon is really true? Are my beliefs correct? Why do I have to have this trial if I was doing what I suppose to do? Why do I have to experienced the lost of my baby that I had been praying for? Why black people previously couldn't be baptize or be part of the Church? Why the women in the Church can not have the priesthood? Why children of same sex marriages cannot be blessed or baptized? Why in older times the church practice Polygamy?

I have had so many hard questions, but remember QUESTIONS ARE GOOD! Have you ask the Lord in a sincere prayer? Are you willing to ask God in Faith? Are you willing to engage in the wrestle? I have receive answers for some of my own questions but others I haven't yet.  I know that Heavenly Father has his own time to answer those questions. What I cannot deny is the feelings in my heart that I received as 8 year old or when I read for first time the book of Mormon and I asked the Lord in a sincere prayer of its truthfulness. Or when I received a priesthood blessing and the Lord testify to me that I will be healed. Those feeling I can never deny. I love his Church.  I love his restored Gospel.  I know the Book of Mormon is true and testify of his visit here in the Americas.  I know that God speaks today through living prophets. I sustain and love President Monson and the 12th Apostles. I know Heavenly Father loves us and wants us back to live with him. I cannot deny his hand during my life and those sweet tender feelings will not be erased from my heart. Seek for your own answers and most important your own testimony. Seek for revelation in your life and it will lead you to build your faith and knowledge. Satan wants us so bad and he will always try to keep us from Priesthood holders and the truth. No matter what mistakes we have made in our life the Lord loves us and want to forgive us.  We just need to ask. He is a loving Father in Heaven he will answer our questions.

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